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26 mai 2018 6 26 /05 /mai /2018 00:34



Brace yourself

face the fact!

Tragedy is rippping your heart apart...

Ripping my heart apart.

Torn like a paper is my love 'cause death takes it's toll

and my heart is left on that road in wow.

Tragedy has mown him down and death takes it's toll!

Takes it's toll.

Another cruciating ache ...

I think my heart will break...

will break.

He was coming to mend it but on the road death spent it.

Death spent it.

Atrocious destiny has hit your lovely sire,

the one you desired.

I desired...

My heart... will it survive or close upon my lovely sire

and others who have left me in such despair...

in even more despair!

O God, life's despair ... no one to share...

no one to share....

One of my little watercolors.... A trace in Infinity

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